Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catching Up

The shelves are a little bare.

A gift basket company has been ordering some of my products. But....they only want purple. I do make a lot of soaps with purple. I make 10 pound batches and that makes about 50 bars of soap. I am cutting down on the scents I carry, weeding out the slow sellers and not restocking them when they sell out.

So when they ordered 200 bars of soap I was scrambling to find purple colored ones. I have since made some purple bars just for them. Now I am restocking all the others I ran out of. I have been making 15-20 pounds of soap a day. It has been fun. I love making soap.

But I am taking the weekend off for this. I love it too.


  1. Rest up, girl! Sounds like you have been one busy soaping bee:) I'm so far behind this year and my supply is nearly zero. Not good, I usually do all my soaping from Jan to Apr, because of the cooler temperatures. Not that it ever gets really hot here, but a cold soaping kitchen helps to cut down on the process time. Your display looks lovely btw

  2. Wait, taking the weekend off to play volleyball? Watch your kid's game? Cool soap.

  3. Nooooo....I am not playing, my 16 year old is. Hahahaha, I like to watch the game but don't have the energy. Thanks.
    Michelle in NV


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