Sunday, May 9, 2010

Without You

It was at a late age that I was blessed with a child. I had always wanted a large family, but after 2 miscarriages as I neared age 40 I was starting to fear I would never be a mother. Then my miracle happened and on a Friday the 13th I welcomed my little girl into the world. I was so happy I had a girl. My mother always told me I would never know how much she loved me until I had a daughter of my own. Boy was she right. That little girl had my heart from the moment I saw her, screaming her head off. She still is, even at 6'1", my little girl, and always will be.

My husband came from one of those families that grew up during the Great Depression. His dad rode the rails going from town to town looking for work. One day after sneaking off the train he found a silver dollar. He told us that was the cat's meow. He got a room, a bath and a shave, and a steak dinner for that dollar. A dollar bought a lot in those days, but he never wasted it on something frivolous, like flowers, or a card, or candy. dear mother in law only got 1 card during the over 50 years they were married. Since we learn by example my husband is not a card, gift or flower giving kind of guy, either.

I am from a family that celebrates everything. We may not have had all the money in the world, but when you have a mom that can make everything you will never lack for anything. Birthdays at our house were an event. We would hide gifts all over, write notes and have treasure hunts. As we got older we made sure Santa brought gifts for our parents. Even now, there is a celebration of some sort at my folk's house every couple of months. It does not matter if they are there or not. And, with 5 kids, we made sure my mom knew we appreciated her, even if for only that 1 day a year.

I made sure my dear daughter knew the joy of celebration. Her first Mother's Day I took her to a florist and let her pick out a corsage for me to wear to work. Yup, starting at age 10 months old she was able to pick out the flowers, order, pick up and pay for flowers for her dear old mom. She always knew what I wanted.

This card was handmade by Delores Henderson. She is a featured artist at the Brewery Arts Center Artistian Store in Carson City, Nevada.

As she got older she wanted to go out on her own, so with her dad she would get me some beautiful cards and heart necklaces. I still have them all. But sometimes it is the handmade things that get to you. She wrote me this poem many years ago, I think she was 10. I would like to share it with you, and wish you all the very happiest of Mother's Days.

Without You
everything you do for me, amazes me
you are always in my heart, together or apart
I love you more than words can say
so I'll just kiss you and walk away
but truly, honestly, deep down
I know exactly how I feel
I just can't make it form a word
you are my sun, stars, and world

it is stronger than lightning bolt
stronger than a hurricane
earthquake, tsunami
I could survive it all with you
but if you weren't here
I don't know how I could
live without you

Happy Mother's Day


  1. ah Michelle...what a wonderful reflection.

    You are blessed. Hope you enjoy your Mothers Day.

  2. I know, she is sweet, isn't she? She has a ton of homework and things to study today, she starts testing tomorrow morning. I told her that's ok, I am going to the movies with Beth!

  3. Happy Mothers Day, Michelle. I remember that little one with the loud scream and she's turned into a beautiful one with a very quiet scream. =-) I love her poem, it's wonderful and brings tears to my eyes. Love her, and love you too!

  4. How sweet! My girls made cards for me this year too. They are getting old enough to write things that bring tears to my eyes as well. Love them to pieces! Happy Mother's Day!!

  5. Amy, it is the simple things that come from the heart that make them special, that's for sure. :) I hope you all had a wonderful day today!

  6. Excuse me while I wipr the tears from my eyes so I can see to type. The poem is beautiful just like your little 6'1 girl. I remember the day she was born too...Dad and I were with you all the way. What a joyous day that was
    Love you both and Happy Mother's Day forever

  7. I know it's Monday and I'm a little late on this, but I'm just now getting around to reading it. Happy Mother's day Michelle (and all). What a great poem. and I can hear Tom Hanks yelling at me right now "THERE'S NO CRYING AT WORK"
    I hope your Mother's day was good..

  8. I don't even know you but your lovely simple story about your family history brought me to tears... thank you for sharing! xo Jen


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