Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Something I Do In My Spare Time

I have always read blogs. I love blogs. I guess I am a voyeur, I like reading about other peoples lives. So when I saw that Anhoki (a soap maker I greatly admire for her beautiful soaps and all the help she gives to fellow soap makers) had her site on a "link referral" site I had to check it out. This is a picture of Anhoki's Animadikaci, an awesome beer bar.

Link Referral is a site where I review other sites and they review mine. It has brought a lot of traffic to my blog and I like the creative criticisms and atta-a-boys I have received. I reviewed an Etsy site, which is all hand made items, the other day and boy was I impressed. Lynn of Lynns Lovelies makes the cutest baby items

and when I saw one that was everything Mama Beth would want for Baby Mia, I had to tell Lynn in my review how wonderful it was and how I would love to buy one for my little girl, but being on such a tight budget I could not. And.....Lynn answered me and said how much she loved handmade soap and maybe we could work a deal. So.....I am waiting for my package in the mail, and I have Lynn's package all ready to ship.

So....if you would like some reviews on your web site or blog, go to and join up. And if you need some beautiful hand made crocheted lovelies for babies, preemies, dolls, ladies and keepsake gifts, go visit Lynn here or her blog here. And if you would like to try some fabulous soap, other than mine, visit Anhoki here.

When I get my package in the mail, after I give it to baby Mia I will show you all!

And yes, I love using other people's soaps!


  1. so interesting, thank you Michelle! Never heard of LinkReferral , but that'll be my next 'click' after I've finished writing this :) Best to ya

  2. Yes, that's one beautiful bar of beer soap. I love everything from the natural color, to the swirls on top to the custom stamp.

  3. Cocobong, it has increased my traffic for sure. After I revamp my web site I will put it up and it might increase sales.

    Anne-Marie, the stamp is handmade by Anhoki's husband. He makes awesome custom stamps.
    Michelle in NV


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