Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Opportunity

I went to Sacramento, CA this past weekend to watch my daughter's high school volleyball team compete in a tournament (They came in second place). It was a fun time hanging with my family on Friday night and all the girl's parents on Saturday during the games. They started at 8:30 am and played until 8 pm. A long day, but nice to know you can hang with the big schools. I heard several comments about "that Nevada team"!

My husband and I drove down Friday and stopped at Apple Hill, CA. I wanted to check out some sites for craft shows and some year round gift shops. We stopped at Jack Russel Brewing Co. located in the Sierra Foothills near the town of Camino.

Picture is from their web site and taken by Lisa Richmond Photography

I have been wanting to try making a beer soap for quite a while. I talked to the girl serving beer and she introduced me to Dave, the owner. He was kind enough to give me a six pack of his favorite beers to do a little R & D. I have 3 different types of beer open in the fridge and I am going to make 3 unscented batches and 3 batches of scented beers. What scents do you use in your beer soaps?

It's going to be fun around here! I should have all 6 batches done by the time I return to Sacramento in a couple of weeks and I am stopping by the brewery to drop off my samples for a little tasting session. I hope they love them and want to carry my soap in their gift shop. Once those beer drinkers see how wonderful beer soap lathers I know they will be buying my soap by the boatload!

Stay tuned for lots of pictures as I venture into the realm of "Beer Soap Making"! I'll be taking notes and lots of pictures on the scents and behavior of the different brews to see which holds up the best. I am hoping the Blueberry Beer does well!


  1. Will be thinking of you in all that beer (LOL). If you have an extra sample or two bring them down and I will take them to Yuma woth me. There are a lot of beer drinkers down there

  2. How fun! I scent my beer soap with patchouli and clove. It just seems earthy to me. Have you seen all the new beer and ale scents at Brambleberry? Those would be great to experiment with! P.S. Make sure the beer is completely flat before you add the lye!

  3. I love Jack Russell Brewery! Ryan and I have been a few times, and I know his buddies make a few trips a year as well. They are great people there! I can't wait to see how your soap turns out! I would be awesome to go there next time and see my Aunt's soap for sale in the gift shop!

  4. Mom, I should have a few extra for you to take.
    Amy, I opened the first 3 bottles a couple of days ago. I am going to make 3 batches unscented and 3 batches scented and colored and see which they like best.
    Katherine, wish me luck. It would be fun to sell soap there. It is a cool place.
    Michelle in NV

  5. I absolutely love beer soap. I have experimented with 1 normal lager and 1 with guiness. They were both great and extra sudsy. Citrus smells seem to hold better in beer soaps and my red-head freckled step-sister with very delicate skin says that the beer soap was the only one of mine that was great on her skin! Keep up posted on how it goes! xo Jen


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