Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

m n p

Posts have been far and few. I had a health issue in my immediate family and I was needed more at my folk's home than in the soap shop. I feel so blessed that the people in my life feel that family comes first and I was given time off from work to be with my parents. My dad is on the mend and while I will still be spending my days off with them, I will be making soap. Not as much as usual, but it will have to do for now.

Please have a peaceful and wonderful New Year.


  1. Michelle,

    Tim, your old neighbor on Bluerock here. I remember when your parents would come visit. Your dad was a good man. You will see him in your dreams.

  2. Oh my gosh Tim! How the heck are you! Are you all still in Indy? How is the family? Boy that sure was a simpler time for me. Keely is 18 now and in college back east. Seems like yesterday she was 2 and we had mom and dad park the motorhome in the back and we built the deck.....he sure is missed.


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