Sunday, January 31, 2010

It is the last day of January

I guess it is time to take down the tree. We never seem to want to let the season go, so we put it off a little too long. A friend is coming over Tuesday and we are going out to lunch. She is picking me up because she wants to see the kitchen cabinets I am painting. I asked her if I had to clean the house (I normally only clean when my mom and dad are coming to visit). She said "heck no", but I know the tree would shock her in February. She puts her tree up right after Halloween because she loves the season also. Why is it everyone thinks it is OK to put a tree up early but not keep it up until, say March or April? My friend is definitely in the majority and I am in the minority.

I am the eldest of 5 children. I have the youngest child. She is spoiled, but not rotten. My sis and mom have been buying her Angel Ornaments since birth and as I was wrapping them I had to take a picture. My daughter has enough ornaments to decorate a tree all on her own.

Here are a few of MY favorites. She loves them all.

Everything is packed and put away till next year.


  1. What a darling collection! She'll have those for the rest of her life. Those are very special gifts!

  2. I can't believe I've been getting her ornaments for so long! She has a beautiful collection and I'm so pleased to have been a part of making it.


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