Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lorraine of Three Rooms Gallery-Felix Pottery

I talked about how I meet Lorraine years ago a couple of days ago. OK maybe a week ago.

Lorraine started her pottery adventure in high school. She enjoyed the classes very much.

After school she meet Bob. He swept her off her feet and soon they were married. Lorraine had the opportunity to take some time off work and she filled that time taking.........pottery classes, of course. She took so many classes and progressed so quickly the art center in Carson City offered her a JOB teaching a children's class. Lorraine is great with kids, she treats them like the mini adults they are. She respects them and expects them to respect her and the studio, too. Soon Lorraine was organizing the studio, which lead into ordering supplies, which lead into taking over the artisan's shop. She was now teaching classes, taking inventory, ordering supplies, stocking shelves, working with artists to sell their creations, and working the store. This made for a more than full time job, but for volunteer pay. So...Lorraine took the plunge and opened a studio in Gardnerville, NV in a little shop by the old car wash in the Anker Building. This is where I meet her. She was teaching adult classes at night and children's classes through the Rec. Center during the day. We had many a fun kid's class and birthday parties, the adult classes were a riot. She had this shop for years until she and Bob built a house with a studio. Lorraine closed the store and taught private classes at the house and the children's classes at the Rec. Center or at the schools.

Fast forward a couple of more years and we find Lorraine and Bob with their adorable yellow house downtown empty (pictures in previous post). The antique shop had outgrown the space and had moved. Lorraine had stayed very active in the artisans community and felt there was a need to showcase the local artist. With her downtown store right on Main Street Lorraine quickly became involved in the "Main Street USA" program for the Downtown Gardnerville area. This program works with other businesses in the downtown area to promote our town, shopping local, the Museum and Cultural Center and many other events which include many programs to support our schools and our children.

I guess you could say Lorraine has been involved with the program before it even started. She made clay "memorial crocks" for the 125 anniversary of the town.

Tomorrow I will talk a little about Lorraine's personal art. I will also show more of the gallery and some products made by other artists.

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