Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They Comes In Threes

I just realized my life contains a lot of 3's.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
3 in my family
3 pets
3 brothers
3 sisters (well it feels like the 1 I have does enough to be 3 people)
3 really close friends
3 cars
3 motorcycles, until I had to sell mine :(
3 rooms in our home
3 drawers in every dresser
3 books by my bed that I read at the same time
3 days a week my daughter goes to practice 45 minutes away from our home
3 soaps in my pictures
3 Dave's in my life

my daughters birth date has a 3 in it and the year is divisible by 3 and that was the luckiest day of my life

So I think I will continue on with the 3 theme and try to post every 3 days.


  1. OMG!!!! Same here, same here!!! What is it about that number? I only realized my 'secret' fixation on things in 3s a few years ago, while painting one of my landscapes. Seemed that I was always looking for 3 trees (or 3 rocks, or 3 telephone poles, etc..) to place on the canvas, and when going back and looking at all of my landscape ptgs I'd done, sure enough..there it was and I had even noticed it! My sub conscience certainly did as it was looking for 3s all over my life. 3 is balance, is a question, is exciting in a challenging way..I could go on, but this is your blog ;)
    Wishing you (at least) 3 good laughs today!

  2. I am making soap today so I hope I have 3 great batches! I am trying out some new blends of essential oils.

  3. "3 sisters (well it feels like the 1 I have does enough to be 3 people)"

    I'm taking this as a compliment and not saying that I'm crazy! haha!!

    My number is 13, it has a 3 in it, so that's good! I love this post!!


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