Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Did You Survive The Holidays?

It was a fast paced holiday season with craft shows, filling orders, restocking the shelves, and making soap. I found the time to wrap some gifts at the fair grounds for Project Santa, did some baking (oh, the crack candy at my house was awesome), had family dinners, and even read a book.

I love to make soap, it brings out the creative side of me. I like to wrap myself up in a scent and close my eyes and "see" the soap I am going to create. It is really cool when the soap turns out the way I "imagine" it.

While setting up at one of the holiday craft shows I found myself next to Katie Spencer. She is a wonder woman who used to sell to HUGE chain stores. She now sells her handmade items at Tumblewinds on Esmeralda St. in Minden. One item in her booth just fascinated me.

I love the origami feel to the ornament. I love the sharp angles. I love the bright colors. I just love these ornaments. Being the wonderful person that she is, Katie mailed the instructions and I made 11 ornaments to give as Christmas gifts.

Did I tell you I love making these ornaments?


  1. they look awesome Michelle. You did a great job...must take after your mon LOL

  2. I hope you got a bunch of good business advice from her when you were next to her. =) I would have talked her ear off. LOL! We had a great Christmas. Super easy going and fun - lots of laughter - and that's one of the best things about Christmas - the family and laughter.

  3. I do take after you mom! Why clean house when you can make something!

    Katherine, were you thinking something in orange and black? :-)

    Anne-Marie, boy did I pick her brain! Especially about getting wholesale accounts. She had 2 reps at her peak and was selling to Raleys stores for years. It was a lot of fun getting to know her.

    Michelle in NV

  4. wow! those are really beautiful ornaments, great job! In german they are called Weihnachtskugeln :)


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