Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I May Not Have Much Money, Handmade From The Heart

Every year the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) gets together and makes up gift bags for the teachers at Douglas High School. This year with both my husband and I being unemployed I was not able to pick up the usual gift items. Still wanting to do my part I looked around the soap room and found some 2 oz. bottles I don't use any more. So...I spent the day making 150 bottles of lotions for the teachers. I know many of them and I thank the Lord my dear daughter has such dedicated and knowledgeable people to teach her. It was an honor to be able to bring a little of my handmade items to them.

First I sterilized the bottles and caps.

Second, I whipped up some lotion and scented it with a spicy cranberry scent, perfect for men or women.

Third, I poured into the clean bottles, labeled and packed them up.

Thank you Teachers of Douglas High School.


  1. That was a generous and thoughtful gift. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Michelle.

  2. What a perfect gift! I know those teachers will appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Michelle!


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