Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Lost A Friend Today

I have known him almost 5 years. A nicer guy would be hard to meet. He died on Friday. These hard times affect us all different. But why would you think your family would be better off if you were not around? I am sad and my heart is breaking for his family.


  1. Michelle, I am so, so sorry about your friend. It's so hard when you just can't understand why it happened, but all we can do is have faith that God had other plans for him. I am keeping his family and all his friends in my prayers. Love you!

  2. Michelle It is so sad to lose a friend like that. I could never understand how some one could take their own life but sometime the pain is more that you can take. When I had shingels in 1999 the pain was so bad if I would have know how, I think I could have done away with myself.I now can be more understanding of people in pain.


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