Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is what I do.

I have posted a few pictures of the Carson Valley, a few of Three Rooms Gallery-Felix Pottery, but I have not shown you what I do.

I made the Heart Soaps for a wedding.

My normal everyday soap looks like this.This soap is made with Lavender Essential Oil. I have been working on the apperance of my soap. I want it to look interesting, not just smell and feel fantastic.

This is Bay Rum.

It smells just like the men's aftershave lotion.

This is Cucumber Melon.

The scent is a fruity melon and green cucumber blend. The light floral notes are jasmine, lavender, and lilac. The base note is a soft woody musk.

This soap shows how fun it is to make. I was trying to get 3 colors of straight lines but when I poured in the final color, this is what I got.
I call it my Salvador Dali soap scented in Coconut Lime Verbena.

This is how the soap looks when I take it out of the molds. I make 50 bars of a scent at a time.

This is made with Peppermint, Orange, and Rosemary Essential Oils.

This is my curing rack for some of my soap.

I am a little out of control with scents. I LOVE them so I have a lot. Hand made soap made the cold process way (I will go into more detail on how soap is made in the next few posts. I will also share my favorite suppliers ) should cure 4-6 weeks. The longer a soap cures the harder it becomes. The benefit of harder soap is that is lasts a lot longer.

This is the last soap I made. The scent is Sun Kissed Currant. I was trying to get a warm yellow color with a dark red sun. It turned out just the way I pictured it. I love when that happens.
What do you think? Does it look like the sun to you?


  1. you know me...i like the almond scrubb and the magnolia..i do like the way the colors blend..and keep up the's a way of expression and a way for us to read about you..

  2. Love the Sun Kissed Current Soap...Yes, it totally looks like a sun. Very cool!

  3. Michelle - your soap is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. The soap DOES look like a sun, it's beatiful! You've come such a long way from when you started, I'm so proud of you!

  5. Michelle....that first photo of the heart soaps is perfect. I love the vibrant colors of the soaps...the sun one is great.

    Out of control with scents?
    How many is out of control?

    Hope to see you in the 'Ho this weekend. Tell Keely good luck!

  6. All your soaps are gorgeous and your blog is great fun to read, like I'm having a conversation with a friend! Here's a question, how do you get the soap to come put of the mold so nicely? I have some of those molds and always mangle the soap getting it out!!

  7. Hi Moonbeam, thanks for reading the blog. I took a trip over to your blog and you are a wonderful writer! I think I am doing good to get something written every other day, you post everyday! My goal is to focus a little more on one thing, write a little less a little more often.
    I use a pretty hard formula for molded soaps. I use castor and shea butter @ 5%, coconut @ 16.25%, palm @ 36.25%, and olive @ 37.50%. I pour into molds only, let sit on the counter for a day, pop into the freezer for a day at most, then run under hot water and they pop right out.


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