Monday, February 8, 2010

The Pictures Are To Die For

A good friend of mine is a photographer. He takes some incredible pictures and has asked me to help him out. He is going to have a booth at the Bridal Fair in Reno this coming March. I went with him and his lovely bride to the last fair they had to get an idea of some set-ups and lighting effects, colors, and just general ideas. We watched what attracted people to what booths and who stayed, or did a quick glance and walk by. We spent hours there doing research, and eating the free samples. We liked the colorful booths, the booths with smiling people that were quick to say hello and easy to talk to, knew their product and had an air of excitement around them. And we liked the booths with FREE samples. We got lots of pens, magnets, candies, and so forth. So my friend decided to give away free samples also. He wants to give away MY one oz. hearts. They are a Victorian Heart and I package them in an organza bag. They are perfect and he wants 500 of them so I have to get cracking so they have time to cure.
My friend is Stebel and this is his web site.

Of course I am giving him a great deal as it is going to be advertising for me. The hearts I make as wedding favors and I have 5 molds and can make 70 at a time. husband informed me I have to tell Stebel part of the price is the picture in the gallery under "automobile and 4 x 4" and then "classic cars", the shiny green Cadillac with the buildings reflected in the side is TO DIE FOR. It is an incredible shot and my husband really loves it.


  1. I went to check out stebels photos;AMAZING is a great word to describe what I encountered and the picture of the caddy, I only wish the paint job on my 76 vet was half as amazing. Great pictures of your town michelle! I can see why you love the area. Its beautiful. I am happy to see that you have so many creative friends. I love the place where you display and sell your incredible soaps too! You are blessed! big hugs cathy moe

  2. I thought I had posted last night but do not see it so will try again. Checked Stebels bolg. Great pictures. Of course being Polish helps a lot. LOL


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