Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Things I Read Every Day

I was going to continue on Soapmaking 101 but I got called into work the store. So...I am going to share some blogs that I read everyday, for different reasons.

While taking an SEO class from Cricket Walker on the Yahoo Groups I started reading her blog.
She has wonderful stories but the photography she has on her site is incredible. Her pictures grab you and pull you in, some even leave you in tears. She has been pretty busy on the forums for SEO so no new blog posts. Maybe soon.

From her I learned about Pioneer Woman. I have to say, Cricket and I were reading her when she only had 200 to 2000 comments, not the 39,000 she gets now. I have followed Ree for a couple of years now and watched her grow from calf nuts to writing a cookbook. I still ask her when she is coming to Nevada for a book signing.

I read many soaper's blogs. This one is from Australia and I have ordered soap from Patti Flynn because it is wonderful! The scent blends she makes up while on vacation every year, each soap has an interesting story, her ingredients are to die for, and it is such a treat to start each day with a magnificent bar of soap that turns your shower into a spa treatment. She just got back from Korea where she taught soap making classes!

I used to babysit this little girl about 45 or so years ago. She is all growed up now! Her photos and wonderful finds on the internet and life in general keep my coming back for more. Her trips with her mom and her club are fascinating and you know she is on one of her many adventures if she has not posted in a while.

One of my favorite and most used suppliers is Anne Marie. She owns Bramble Berry Supplies and has a fabulous web site with so many tutorials and information I could spend all day there. But her blog has even more information on it from how to make a cake to how to make a soap cake. I love hearing about her and Mr. Fabulous as much as I love hearing about Marlboro Man! She is funny, informative on what is happening in todays world of the bath and beauty industry, and she even has her own Soap Queen TV.

This blog is written by Susan, I know her from a forum I am on. Her knowledge of the soap making industry is from a chemistry background and I am so impressed by her knowledge I have to not only check in everyday but have spent hours going through post she made before I started reading. I just made a facial moisturizer to use on my dry but oily skin based on one she posted. Thank you Swift!

Another soap maker I admire. She has taken her business to a new level and her branding is beautiful!

These are the blogs I check on every few days or if I get a notification email of a new posting. Wonderful information on all.
Tina writes my favorite herbal magazine. She is living a wonderful life filled with nature and I admire her so much.

Kayla of Essential Wholesale is another favorite supplier so when she started blogging I was right there with her. She is a ARC Registered Aromatherapist (my hero), chief formulator, and co-founder of Essential Wholesale and Essential Labs.

Another photographer-soap maker is Moni from up north (Canada). I love her photos.

These are just a few of the blogs I read. I find so many interesting things and I like seeing or hearing how other people view the world. I hope you enjoy them.


  1. You read even more sites than I do! I couldn't keep up with that! But they look interesting and if you've learned alot of things from them, then it's totally worth it. And getting to "know" people from around the world, that's just the best!!

  2. aw I'm honored to be listed amongst all these wonderful blog reads. Thank you so much, Michelle!!
    btw, these are some of my favourite reads, too.


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